Proof: Biased liberal media misleading you (intentionally?)

How many times have you heard, “Why would anyone need an AR-15 or a 30 round magazine to go hunting?”

In reality, you should have never heard this.  Every journalist and politician knows the Second Amendment is not a quick word about hunting in between nine other rights that limit and balance federal governmental power.  When politicians say this, and the liberal media fails to question it, they are intentionally manipulating you.  Often, pro-Second Amendment speakers are not even allowed to respond and explain that the Second Amendment is about human nature, man’s eternal greed for power, designed to stop tyranny, and necessary to the security of a “free” state.

How many times have you heard the media and politicians use phrase get guns “off the streets” when they want to pass laws that affect firearms safely stored in the homes of law-abiding citizens?

How many times have you heard “these weapons belong on the battlefield” – ignoring the fact that the purposes of the Second Amendment include protection from our own government’s military if ever under the control of a tyrant, and foreign invading militaries.

You failed to cover that the recent Oregon shooter was approached by a citizen with a gun, which may have stopped that shooting.

You have failed to cover the recent theater shooting in San Antonio that was stopped by an off-duty police woman with a firearm.

Since the shooting, news media has pointed to a poll purporting to show support for banning assault weapons, yet ignores that nobody can define what an assault weapon is.  Scary looking black rifles is what everyone imagines.  However, in reality, the vagueness is an attempt by some to ban all semi-automatic weapons, which are 90% of the guns in the country, while most others still do not even understand the difference between semi-automatic and automatic.

The same media uses terminology intended to confuse.  They want to ban “guns that can shoot many bullets very fast.”  Well, pretty much any gun can do that.  The media has avoided all analysis of how assault weapons bans address cosmetic features, how guns look, not how they function, because almost all guns function rather similarly, and almost all guns can shoot fast in the right hands.

The media has paraded people who say they are gun owners, and others who say they respect the Secon Amendment, while entirely avoiding discussion of the purpose of the Second Amendment, which is a logical key to all analysis of what is reasonable under the Second Amendment.  Such actions make it increasingly more difficult to accept that this is based on unintended ignorance.

You failed to cover the high rates of violent crime and “hot burglaries” in England.  Do not decide for us that being beaten and raped is better than shooting an attacker – let society decide.

You also failed to cover statistics that show that among countries, gun ownership and crime rates do not correlate.

You failed to cover that in the democratic movements in Iran, Libya, Syria, and Egypt, people were in the streets pleading for guns, so to not be helplessly slaughtered by their governments.

You failed to cover that Dianne Feinstein herself carried a gun, and most politicians pushing for gun control and most news studios have armed guards.

You failed to disclose your own experience or lack thereof with firearms.  Please get educated before pushing a viewpoint.

You failed to allow people who understand the Second Amendment to have a proper change to speak to your audience.

You use terms like “assault weapon” without analyzing why an inanimate object has a crime, assault, in its name.

You use terms like “gunman,” which suggests that any man with a gun is an active shooter.  This misleads to forgetting that millions of armed people walk the streets of this nation every day without incident, or even preventing crime.

Be an honest and good journalist, not one with an agenda, certainly not that comes from someone else’s borrowed viewpoint or direction.

Look at the crime in Chicago, D.C., and Mexico.   Do we really want our whole nation that way?

Look at the Holocaust, Bosnia, Rwanda, Sudan, and Syria.  Do we believe that history’s horrors will no longer repeat themselves, and that evil has been wiped from the hearts of men?

If we are wrong, America has 11,000 gun murders per year.  But if you are wrong, governments killed 250,000,000 of their own people this past century, and those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it.

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