Demand a plan and take action on gun violence

Demand a plan:

This article outlines a significant danger that loomes over our nation, and the people’s of the world, and addresses what can be done to prevent it.

Those who study history are well aware of World War I, and more recently, World War II, in which millions of people in Europe were conquered by Hitler, and send to gas chambers to be exterminated.

This type of dictatorship, genocide, and mass extermination of people by their own governments is potentially on the rise in the world, and a threat to each of us and our families.  Just in the past couple of decades, we have seen increasing numbers of such mass exterminations of innocent people by their own governments and dictators, including the Rwandan genocide, the Bosnian genocide, the genocide in Sudan, and the mass killing of people yearning for freedom in places like Libya, Syria, Iran, Egypt by their own governments and chosen leaders.

While the last century saw approximately 250 million people die from such horrors, much evidence suggests the 21st century will see even more such holocausts, genocides, and mass exterminations of innocent people.

We would love to think this cannot happen, but we watch it happen all over the world.  These events are the result of human nature.  Such horrors fill our past with the Armenian genocide, Mao’s genocide, Pol Pot’s genocide, and the genocide in Communist Russia, and as human nature does not change, these horrors also foreshadow our future.

Now, technology allows such dictators and tyrants to have even more control, by allowing despots to be able to monitor every coomunication made by citizens who communicate about freedom.  Computer databases will allow every piece of information about someone’s life to be collected and assembled for use by such tyrants.  All of this suggests the horrors to be encountered in this next century will be even greater than the last.

What can be done?

The solution is actually a 200-year old wisdom about human nature written about by founding fathers Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and Benjamin Franklin, among many others, who founded the once most free nation on earth.

What this wisdom understands is that power always and naturally corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  It understands that we must not be misguided into letting our guard down when we experience relative periods of calm, because the ugly side of human nature is always looming.

This solution was also supported by John F. Kennedy and Mahatma Gandi, and not surprisingly opposed by mass murderes like Hitler and Stalin.

So what is this secret that must be spread to help the peoples of the world, in America and abroad, stop these future coming power grabs, holocausts, genocides, exterminations, dictatorships, and wars?

It is a brilliant idea of balancing government’s power with the peoples’, not just on paper with prmises that have always been broken by such genocidal governments in the past.  The idea is to balance real power, the only true power that exists with the majority of the people of the world who have good hearts.  If we balance the same power that has historically been the tool of these holocausts, genocides, exterminations, dictatorships when monopolized, and prevent that monopoly on use of force by spreading the power amongs entire populations, those who would abuse this power face a counter-force if they try.

Because dictators and tyrants would use guns to kill hundred of millions of men, women and children in this century, just as they have in the last century, I beg you, please, let us use this brillant wisdom to deter, and once started, stop such atrocities.  Please do not let history look back on us as being as powerless to prevent holocausts and genocides as the people of last century were. Help stop the next genocide by spreading this wisdom, by spreading the tools by which people can defend themselves against the armed killing squads that would come and take them to exterination camps.  Please let us use this wisdom to balance the power such killers have, millions of guns, by distributing this power among the population.  If this doesn’t sound ideal, the only other option would be to concentrate this power with the very governments that have historically always become corrupt.  This is necessary to the security of all the people of any state that is not tyrannical, but free.  The people must retain the tools to stop such horrors separate from governmental control of these tools.  Because governments become dictatorships in slow and clever steps, the right to possess such effective arms must not ever even be infringed.

Be very careful, because the evil leaders of the past did not get to their positions without being very clever, and deceptive.  They will wait until you are fat, and at peace, and try to convince you that you do not need arms anymore.  They will try to convince you that such weapons are for hunting.  They would convince you that a tyrant would be so well armed, that you should not even bother to try to defend your freedom.  They will slowly try and try again until they finaly reduce the weapons you can have, and then again, and again.  They will tell you you can have only ten bullets, and then seven, and then two, and then none.  They will exploit tragedies to try to get your focus away from the hundreds of millions who would die without this wisdom.  They will even use children.  Yes, men in history have killed tems of millions of people, and men in history past and future will also use children to get what thy want.  Also beware that many of the people helping them will be good-hearted people doing so unknowingly.  They will genuinely be misled into trying to save twenty so passionately, that they will not realize they are paving the way for the extermination of twenty million.

Most of those supporting this will genuinely believe it, and think they are acting for your safety, as they shift power to the government, and away from the people.  And one day, they will put you to the test.  They will ask you if are you willing to die and give up your freedom and your life to maintain this balance of power.  Not just whether you are willing to speak up for it, but whether you would really give your life and freedom for it.  What they are really saying is, just give us the power to exterminate you, and we promise we will not use it for any purpose other than to keep you safe.  When they tell you this – you are already dead anyway.  The only choice then is, do you die for your children, or with them.

Share this page, link to this page, repost this page.  Do it like you’ll be on line at a gas chamber one day, wondering if your kids are ahead of you or behind you.

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One Response to Demand a plan and take action on gun violence

  1. livingtwist says:

    Its for sure never beleive that the government knows whats best. we have far too many folks sitting in Washington that spout myths and spin political views based on half truths and out and out lies. for my vies from the swamps

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