Why do we have the Second Amendment?

The Second Amendment is not a quick word about hunting in between nine other rights that limit government powers.  The Second Amendment is about human nature.  Power naturally corrupts, and to remedy that, instead of concentrating power with the few in government, it distributes power to all the people.  It is “necessary to the security of a ‘free’ state.”

The founders understood this about human nature, and knew that the only thing that balances one man’s greed for power, is another man’s need for power.

The  three branches of the federal government balance have a balance of power.  The legislative, executive, and judicial all have different strengths and weaknesses that keep the other from being too powerful.

The states and the federal government have a balance of power called federalism, as described in the 10th Amendment.  The federal government only has those limited powers enumerated to it, and all others are reserved to the states and the people via the 10th Amendment.

And, there is balance of power between the federal government, and the people, including via 2nd Amendment – where neither has a military advantage over the other.

As horrific as the occasional rare tragedy is, a well-armed society deters the holocausts, genocides and dictatorships in which millions die, that the rest of the world experiences every few decades, but America does not.  The Second Amendment is the reason.

I hope those with open minds will understand.  Taking away effective weapons, that the media calls “assault weapons” will fundamentally shift power away from the people, and to the federal government, permanently.  This is the American people’s last line of defense for democracy, our safety net, our only parachute in case of tyranny, and it makes one wonder why the government is after it.

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