What is the logic of the gun control position?

Basically, the pro gun control position is:

It did not work in Chicago, or Detroit, or Washington D.C., or Mexico, …or the Holocaust, but let’s try it across the whole United States without even a good debate anyway.  Even if we cannot get rid of most guys, let’s just start with disarming the law-abiding citizens.  Let’s forget history, and the Constitution, let’s not even discuss its purpose, and let’s try to squeeze this through before people have a chance to really debate the issue.  Let’s look at these rare dramatic incidents that happen in gun-free zones, and let’s base our whole national policy based on 20 deaths, which occur in an average Chicago weekend, where gun control is already the strictest.  And, if after we ban assault weapons, someone shoots up a school with a handgun, let’s ban those also.  And after that, if someone goes on a knife stabbing spree in a school like they have had in China, let’s register and ban kitchen knives as well.  Forget the fact that the balance of power in the Constitution between the federal government and the people is about man’s eternal greed for power.  Forget the fact that the most evil of men, Hitler, started the Holocaust by banning Jews from owning guns, knives, or any “dangerous” objects with which they could defend themselves against government.  Forget that the U.S., with the Second Amendment, is the bastion of freedom that keeps saving the “disarmed” world from world wars, and genocides and dictatorships every few decades.  Let’s also forget that all of the most influential men of recent history, from Jefferson, Washington, to Adams, to Hamilton, to Franklin, and even people like Hitler, Mao, and Gandi agree that the way to stop dictatorship, guns should not be concentrated with government, but distributed amongst the people to balance government power.  Let’s forget the fact that all of our politicians are sworn to uphold the Constitution, including the Second Amendment, the purpose of which is this crystal clear to democracy, as necessary to the security of a “free” state.  Let’s also forget that the Constitution reads, “shall not be infringed”, and let’s pass laws that will weaken our nation’s ability to defend itself against crime, terrorism, dictatorship, and tyranny.  Let’s ignore the fact that some of our founding fathers may have considered it treason to upset the balance of power between the people and government.  Let’s also forget the fact that such laws will turn millions of law-abiding citizens into criminals, that many in the military are sworn to uphold the Constitution and will not enforce these laws, and that it may move this Country towards civil war to demand we move this free country in the direction of absolute government monopoly on effective force.  Let’s also forget that such laws will probably make crime worse.  Let’s forget that polls are being conducted by the same media that fails to cover shootings that are stopped by armed law-abiding citizens.

How do we get people to forget all this history, wisdom, and logic?  With emotion, and using that emotion before this debate can be heard, this wisdom can be understood, and these points can properly be looked at.

Good idea?

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