Gun Control Media Manipulation Terminology

Each of us should stop and think of how the media manipulates us in how they cover gun control in the news.

1.  “Assault weapon” – An “assault” is a crime, and a tort, constituting either an attempted battery, or the intentional placing someone in fear of an attempted battery.  (A “battery” is an intentional harmful or offensive contact, whether with a fist or bullet.)

Politicians and the media have accepted this phrase “assault weapon” and with it, put the name of a crime in the definition of a tool – a tool necessary for defending democracy.  This manipulates every time someone says this phrase, or hears it, without realizing this analysis.  This phrase suggests this tool has no legitimate purpose, in direct contradiction of its necessity in defending our democracy against tyranny.  Why don’t we call them “patriot weapons” from now on?

2.  “Gunman” – a gunman is just a man with a gun, per its own terms.  This word however, is used to represent an active shooter.  It manipulates by suggesting that any man with a gun, is a threat and potential active shooter.  It sidelines that millions of men with guns, gunmen, are good guys, who carry firearms at all times either with no incident, or helping to preserve the peace and public safety.

3.  “Guns off the streets” – the guns are not on the streets, and criminal possession of guns is already illegal.  They are in the possession of law-abiding citizens, and locked away in their homes.  This “guns of the streets” phrase is used to blur in people’s minds two separate things: 1) law abiding citizens possessing guns, and 2) criminals on the street where we walk with our families with guns.

I will think about how to overcome this manipulation of the truth, other than publicizing these points.  Please share any thoughts.

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